AffordSENS Vitalgram2®

Challenge to Human Sensing

  • Friendly human sensing for anyone, anytime and anywhere
  • Realize safe, secure and healthy life for everyone
  • Assist to reducing stress and prevent lifestyle-related diseases
  • Long-term health management and disease prevention
    by mobile IT and Big data analysis technology

Vitalgram® wearable 
sensor fusion technology

  • Patch-type wireless vital sensor technology
  • Fusion of multi-sensors
  • Low power consumption wireless transmission technology

Sensing tools and services

  • Self-health management
  • Remote Health management support
  • Develop remote sensing applications in various fields

Applications at specific areas

  • Lifestyle analysing and improvement
  • Health management during physical training
  • Reduce the burden of nurses and nursery
  • Monitoring physical condition for professional driver
  • Health management for hazardous workplace workers