VitalgramII (Patch-type)
VitalgramCT II (Belt-type)
 Vitalgram® 2 (Patch-type)  Vitalgram® CT2 (Belt-type)

Patch-type Vital Sensor

Vitalgram® is a tiny, flexible and lightweight patch-type wireless vital sensor.

After wearing
on the chest, it continues monitoring and analysing the body conditions and transmits the vital data to an external device, such as smart phone or tablet using wireless in real time. 

It is designed for sensing in anytime, anywhere, without 
disturbing daily life. Not only during exercise such as jogging but also during working or even sleeping and bathing. 
Vitalgram® affords a better safety, reliable and comfortable lifestyle for everyone.


  • Cover with soft biocompatible material, tiny, flexible and lightweight that can use it like a BAND-AID®.

  • Collecting vital information like electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), body skin temperature, body posture and the energy expenditure during exercise. Moreover, it also collecting environmental temperature, relative humidity and attitude (atmospheric pressure*). These data transmit to an external device such as a smart phone or a portable terminal for further analysis and storage or the data will retransmit to another sever.
  • The low power consumption design with embedded software technology, enabling continuous operation from one day to one week**.
  • Not only to use it for checking your own body condition, but also use it for remote health management. Moreover, it is also possible for disease prevention and lifestyle improvement to prevent lifestyle-related diseases by managing health status in long term such as one week, one month and one year.
 * Going up and down the stairs reflects in the change of atmospheric pressure.
** It depends on the usage and the amount of data transmitted.

Why patch-type?
Why Bandage-type?
  • From low power consumption points of view, patch-type wearable device is ideal method for continuous electrocardiogram measurement.
  • Not only can attached on the body strongly but also less influence by the body movement which is a key to obtain high quality electrocardiogram without disturbing daily life.

Vitalgram® Specification (Prototype *)


Wearable Vital Sensor
  1. Vitalgram® 2 (Patch-type)
  2. Vitalgram® CT2 (Belt-type)

Sensing Features

  1. Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG)
  2. Body Skin Temperature
  3. 3-axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope
  4. Altitude (Atmospheric Pressure)
  5. Environmental Temperature
  6. Relative Humidity
  7. Heat Flux (Supported by Vitalgram® CT2)

Real Time Algorithms

  1. Heart Rate
  2. RR-Interval
  3. Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
  4. Respiration Rate
  5. Body Posture and Step Count
  6. Core Body Temperature Estimation by Heat Flux (Supported by Vitalgram® CT2)

Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) 5.0 Wireless Technology



Built-in Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery
・Full Charge Time: 2.5 hours
・Charge via ECG Electrodes with Charging Station

Operation Time
Continuous BLE Data Transmission: 48 hours
(ECG Sampling Rate: 128Hz)

iOS 12 and higher (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)(1)



Size & Weight
       1.  Vitalgram® 2 (Patch-type)
             Size    : 30 x 70 x 5mm
             Weight: 4g
             (Silicon Rubber Casing)

       2.   Vitalgram® CT2 (Belt-type)

              Size    : 35 x 65 x 13mm
              Weight: 14g
              (Resin Casing)


       1.  Vitalgram® 2 (Patch-type)
             ・iOS App
             ・Disposable Electrodes
             ・Charging Station
             ・Micro USB Cable

       2.   Vitalgram® CT2 (Belt-type)

             ・iOS App
             ・ECG Electrodes Belt
             ・Charging Station
             ・Micro USB Cable


Vitalgram® information or quotation
(1) For Android  or PC  application, please contact us.
*All specifications are subject to change without notice.